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Research as a driver of innovation

Terrapiù is our highest quality line, the fruit of constant research and development that allows us to create avant-garde products. The production process behind this special line of fertilisers is driven by quality and reliability to help farmers achieve more generous yields and higher profits.

We want to be part of the revolution and are investing in agriculture by offering efficient fertilisers made with quality organic raw materials and microbial inoculants.

Terrapiù products are made in collaboration with renowned research institutes and universities, allowing our know-how and their research to generate solutions that meet the challenges of modern agriculture.

The Terrapiù line includes organic pellet fertilisers with microbial inoculants, marked by a green symbol, with high quality raw materials, marked by a brown symbol, and liquid fertilisers with various inoculants to meet a variety of needs.

A complete line of products to offer solutions for different types of crops in different phase of their growth cycles.

Concimazione efficiente

Innovazione continua

Consentiti in agricoltura biologica

Maggiori rese e migliore redditività

Un’offerta completa

Agribios Italiana offers a complete range of consistently updated solutions to meet the real needs of the agricultural world. Our production is automated to ensure high quality standards, found in all our products, thus guaranteeing certain effectiveness and strengthening the value and identity of our products.

Agribios Italiana offre una gamma completa di soluzioni costantemente aggiornate per rispondere alle reali esigenze del mondo agricolo.
La nostra produzione è automatizzata per garantire elevati standard qualitativi riscontrabili in tutti i nostri prodotti, garantendo certezza della loro efficacia e rafforzando una proposta di valore forte e identitaria.

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Terrapiù fertilisers embrace the challenges of modern agriculture and are the perfect choice for those who want to get the most out of their crops.

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