Respecting life benefits everyone

Sustainability of production processes, of products, their use and their short and long-term effects: for us this means working with care and responsibly in order to protect agricultural activity, the well-being of people and the environment.
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Protecting the environment

Protecting biodiversity, safeguarding the environment and its resources, is part of our company philosophy. Our products are designed and developed to enhance crops in a sustainable way, improving soil fertility.

Protecting agricultural employment

We are committed to providing farmers with a tangible revenue-generating advantage, with economically sustainable high-efficiency solutions, capable of guaranteeing fewer inputs and, therefore, less use of our planet’s precious raw materials while increasing yields.

Protecting health

Sustainability also means protecting the health and well-being of the people involved and of future generations, from the industry operators to the people working the land and finally the end consumer. This is why we always work with the utmost respect for safety, quality and life in all its forms.

Organic Certified

Our fertilizers for organic farming

With a wide choice of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers allowed in organic farming, Agribios Italiana supports operators who have chosen, in Italy and around the world, to practice this choice of quality, health and sustainability.

Our products are certified by the Organic Products Control Consortium (CCPB), a control body for agri-food and “no food” products obtained from organic, eco-friendly and eco-sustainable production.

The certification of conformity of our products complies with the Italian and international regulations for organic agriculture:

  • (EC) REGULATION No. 834/2007 and 889/2008
  • (National Organic Program) NOP of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)
  • Moroccan Law no 39-12 of 16/01/2013
  • Tunisian Law no. 99-30
CCPB 2021 Certification

The mark of quality

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