Productive process

Quality, efficiency, and innovation

Supply chain control, care and traceability

Agribios Italiana products are made with highly humified organic matter. They are produced using carefully selected and accurately analyzed raw materials to always guarantee the highest quality standards.

Selected bovine, equine and poultry manure undergoes completely natural ripening and drying processes, without the use of drying ovens.

This allows us to obtain products with enhanced chemical-microbiological characteristics and a high content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, manganese, zinc and boron. The result is a rare quality product, with organic conditioners and fertilizers that are usually used in organic and conventional agriculture, thanks to the traceability of every single element.

The use of our products improves the soil structure and its physical characteristics, in addition to stimulating microbial activity.
Rich in humic acids, they counteract the phenomenon of soil impoverishment and soil fatigue. The high content of organic matter present, well beyond the minimum legal limit (7.5% organic carbon), ensures maximum protection of the nutritional elements, preserving the losses caused by erosion, evaporation, retrogradation and fixation. This is reflected in the quality and quantity of the crops, consequently improving the company’s profitability.

Greater efficiency with complexed nutrients

Lower environmental impact of cultivation

Greater compliance with production regulations

Greater cultivation profits obtained with fewer inputs

A complete offer

Agribios Italiana offers a complete range of consistently updated solutions to meet the real needs of the agricultural world. Our production is automated to ensure high quality standards, found in all our products, thus guaranteeing certain effectiveness and strengthening the value and identity of our products.

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Pelleted fertilizer for maximum effectiveness

The iconic format of our organic and organo-mineral pellet fertilizers is dictated by a simple but very important truth: in order to be processed, and to preserve their effectiveness, most organic matrices cannot undergo granulation treatment.
The pelleting process, which takes place at much lower temperatures, respects the characteristics of the organic components without altering their effectiveness. The small cylinders of fertilizer that we all call pellets, are therefore guaranteed to respect the raw material, preserving its characteristics and agronomic properties.
New technologies also allow us to create formats such as micro-pellets and flakes that make distribution and localization in the field easier, once again in order to optimize the resources available and avoid waste.

The future of agriculture lies in microorganisms

The challenge over the next few years revolves around the sustainability of crops and decreasing inputs. For years we have addressed this challenge, investing in research and strategic partnerships on this front.
The integration of exclusive organic matrices with consortia of selected microorganisms allows us to produce highly efficient fertilizers that limit inputs, revitalize soils and optimize the absorption of nutrients by crops, improving their health status and reducing the use of agricultural pharmaceuticals.

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