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Meat-and-bone meal.

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NP 8.12 + 13 CaO + 32C
Pellet ∅ 3,8 mm - Powder

SUPERORO is an organic fertiliser whose origins, characteristics and effects on agricultural crops are quite specific and cannot be compared with those of other equivalent fertilisers. Its most important characteristic consists of the fact that its plentiful nitrogen and phosphorus, by being bound to protein molecules, cannot be directly used by the plants, but are slowly released and at intervals that are aligned with the crops’ needs. They also perform different biological roles in the soil from the same elements found in common fertilisers. For these reasons they are not leached and insolubilised in the soil as when they are contained in mineral fertilisers and promote exceptional biological activity.

SUPERORO can ensure adequate availability of assimilable nitrogen throughout the entire vegetative cycle of agricultural crops and losses due to leaching are reduced by the correspondence between the quantities of nitric nitrogen produced and that used by the plant cover. They provide amino acids, and then peptides and finally, proteins for the crops’ primary food needs. The same considerations can also be extended to phosphorus. It is considered, therefore, that the effect of SUPERORO on promoting the growth of microbial activity in the soil is very significant. The proteinaceous materials it comprises are in fact the only nitrogenous food that can be used by heterophilic microorganisms. The activity of the microorganisms is also reflected in the solubilisation of the bone phosphates contained in SUPERORO. This avoids insolubilisation and facilitates the use of phosphorus by the plants.


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