Organo-mineral fertilizers



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Partially hydrolysed animal proteins, organic potassic sulphate, dolomite of natural origin.

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NPK 6.8.12 +10 CaO + 2 MgO +10 SO₃ + 23 C
Pellet Ø 3,8 mm

BIOCOMPLEX 6.8.12 is produced from a mixture of organic fertilisers with a high nitrogen and phosphorus content with the addition of potassium sulphate, to obtain an organo-mineral fertiliser complete with all the nutrients plants need and an ideal relationship between the various nutrients. BIOCOMPLEX 6.8.12 provides both a fast- and slow-acting fertiliser which slowly releases all the organic nitrogen content, which enables a single distribution at the start of the cultivation cycle.

BIOCOMPLEX 6.8.12 also promotes an intense microbial activity in the soil with a positive effect on fertility. BIOCOMPLEX 6.8.12 combines the fertilising action of the organic component with the ready availability of nitrogen, due to the presence of free amino acids that perform a biostimulating action in synergy with humic acids, thus enabling a rapid resumption of the root activity of plants, even in unfavourable conditions, such as in the case of heat stress. The presence of potassium is important as it allows safe productive quali-quantitative results, by improving the resistance of plants to water and heat stress, and the production of sugars, size and colouring of fruit.

BIOCOMPLEX 6.8.12 also contains magnesium, calcium, sulphur and numerous micronutrients including iron, manganese, boron, copper and zinc, all essential elements for plant metabolism, present in absorbable form from plant roots. The use of BIOCOMPLEX 6.8.12 also increases the water retention capacity of the soil and the cation exchange capacity, decreasing the risk of nutrient leaching.

Biocomplex 6.8.12

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