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NP 8.7 + 2 K₂O + 10 CaO + 31C
Pellet Ø 3,8 mm

AGRIORGANICO 872 derives from an intimate and homogeneous mixing of humified manures with meat meal. The raw materials are mixed and pelleted in cold conditions. AGRIORGANICO 872 is therefore an ideal fertiliser for deep fertilisation of all crops, as the characteristics of humified manure is combined with the provision of hydrolysed protein rich in amino acids coming from the meat meal. The humified manure, rich in humic and fulvic acids, promotes an optimal soil microbiologic activity, a better use of nutrients in the soil, including phosphorus due to the formation of Phospho-Humics.

The hydrolysed meat meal provides amino acids, hormones, enzymes and vitamins. The main actions that AGRIORGANICO 872 performs in the soil are:

• improved physical-mechanical structure of the soil, as well as absorption by the roots of nutrients due to the presence of humic and fulvic acids;

• optimal microbial flora maintained due to the presence of substances of animal origin;

• the formation of humus-mineral aggregates, improving porosity, aeration and water retention capacity and the “absorbent complex” of the soil;

• increased retention capacity of ions, preventing losses due to leaching of ammonium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc., distributed with mineral fertilisers.


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