Organic fertilizers



materie prime:

Dried manure, partially hydrolysed animal proteins, micronized sulphur, ferrous sulphate.

confezioni da:
NP 4.4 + 2 K₂O + 25C
Pellet ∅ 3,8 mm

FUMIER SULFER derives from the intimate and homogeneous mixing and maturing of humified manure, partially hydrolysed animal proteins, ferrous sulphate heptahydrate and micronised sulphur. The humic acids present in humified manure are bound via carboxylic and phenolic links, to bivalent iron (ferrous ion, Fe++) with iron humic formations. The completely natural chelation then makes the divalent iron available, which is highly assimilable through the entire cycle of the organic matter. The mixing of sulphur with humified manure improves the availability of this important meso element due to the action of humic acids and bacterial microflora contained in the organic substance that promote the oxidation of sulphur to sulphate in the short period that it is absorbed in this form from root hairs.

FUMIER SULFER can temporarily acidify soil pH, promoting the absorption of Phosphorus (P) and of some fundamental microelements such as Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn) and Boron (B). The delivery of sulphur also leads to the formation of some essential amino acids (Cystine, Cysteine and Methionine) and vitamin B1 (Thiamine). FUMIER SULFER is ideal for all crops that need a lot of iron, such as vegetables (spinach, chard and lettuce) and ornamental plants. It is also ideal for arboreal plants and shrubs such as kiwi, cherry, vines and chestnut trees

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