April 5, 2024

Agribios joins Yara to boost business in Europe

Agribios’ experience in the field of high-quality organic-based fertilisers has attracted the interest of Yara, a leading Norwegian fertiliser company.

Yara’s efforts to further expand its offering in the sector, promote a new approach to regenerative agriculture and improve soil health led to the acquisition of the Agribios Italiana business. By mixing Agribios’ experience and know-how in high-quality organic and organo-mineral fertilisers with its own, Yara can meet the ever-changing needs of European farmers. With 60,000 tonnes produced by 2022, Agribios has a market share of around 10% of the organic fertiliser market in Italy.

“We are thrilled to welcome Agribios to the Yara family,” said Monica Andrés Enriquez, Executive Vice President for Europe at Yara. “This acquisition reflects our commitment to preserving and further improving soil health, helping to grow a nature-positive food future. By expanding our portfolio of crop nutrition products in Italy, we can continue to support farmers in enhancing the value of each nutrient”.

Used in combination, organic and mineral nutrients improve soil health, resource utilisation, increase use efficiency and the resilience of crops to climate change.

“We are proud to join forces with Yara. – said Giovanni Ravagnan, CEO of Agribios Italiana – This is a pivotal moment for Agribios, as we will be able to bring our expertise in organic-based fertilisers to the European scene. We are looking forward to embarking on this new adventure that will mark a further development, right in the year of our 50th anniversary. The new challenge ahead of us is to support both organic and conventional farmers in Europe by providing them with products that improve the quality of their crops and soils.

Agribios, alongside Yara, will be able to start a new phase of growth by taking its products all over Europe.