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Since 1973 we have been committed to guaranteeing innovative and effective solutions, sustainable products developed with care and expertise in order to decisively improve the work of our customers, as well as that of all the professionals involved. We believe in what we do and our ambition is to improve every day, making a difference thanks to the close collaboration with our partners and resellers.
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We support our resellers with their work through updates and support services, in a customer-oriented itinerary that is structured based on the real needs of the market and on a constantly improving product catalogue. 


Research & Development

Research and innovation are the foundation of our offer, a regularly updated catalog that meets and anticipates the market demands with effective and reliable solutions.


Fifty years of work in the organic and organo-mineral fertilizers sector have allowed us to accumulate a profound know-how that makes us a reference point in the market.


Listening, dialogue and discussion are part of our company philosophy, we have always made ourselves available to customers and partners to meet needs and to support every aspect of their work.


Today more than ever, sustainability is a fundamental value to guarantee a future for agricultural activities and the Planet. Our products respect the environment, the crops and, obviously, the users and the end consumer.


Today Agribios Italiana is synonymous with reliability and ambition, both in Italy and internationally, a major player which every farmer can count on. We want to continue to grow, keeping the philosophy and quality of our work unchanged.


We want to share with our partners the knowledge we have gained during our fifty years of business. Such sharing provides the professional and human growth that the customer perceives and appreciates.

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