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Since 1973 Agribios Italiana has been developing and manufacturing organic and organo-mineral fertilizers for organic and conventional farming, combining quality and innovation with a solid vision of environmental respect and sustainability.

In our factories, located in Limena (PD) and Canneto sull’Oglio (MN), we manufacture products that are marketed both in Italy and abroad. We carefully follow the supply chain, starting from the selection and transformation of raw materials, all the way through packaging and distribution. An established entrepreneurial history that has led the company to become a reliable and ambitious major player, which every farmer can count on.

We offer highly efficient solutions, the result of intensive research and development. A complete and regularly updated range to enhance the work of our customers, improving the performance of agricultural activity with the utmost respect for quality, resources and the environment.

la nostra storia

A long way towards the future



Agribios Italiana is born from the intuition of Giampaolo Ravagnan.


Agribios Italiana acquires Euro Bio Fert, leader in Italy in the distribution of ferrous sulphate.


The expansion continues with the purchase of the Agrifumax brand.


The company makes an entrance into the hobby world by creating the “Il Paese Verde” brand.


Euro Bio Fert is incorporated via merger, creating a major player in the fertilizer industry with a turnover of over 15 million.


Agribios Italiana establishes Officina Produzione Microorganismi (OPM - Microorganisms Production Laboratory) specialized in the production of microorganisms that are inoculated in fertilizers.

Our commitment

Quality & Control

The control of the supply chain and the scrupulous attention during all the stages of transformation, are what allow us to offer quality, organic, innovative and sustainable products, both from an economic and an environmental point of view.

Research & Development

We look to the future to constantly improve products, raw materials and production methods. The result is a regularly updated range of highly efficient solutions, capable of enhancing the quality of crops and soils.

Relations & Dialogue

Every day we keep close ties with those who cultivate the land, to support and improve their work. A never-ending conversation, consisting of listening, sharing and flexibility, which helps us target and meet the real needs of agriculture.

Environmental sustainability

Every choice made by the company is in pursuit of environmental sustainability: from our products ingredients to the entire production chain, we are committed to implementing all possible measures to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

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